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Mutabatuka interviews Cliff-Twang Brown/BROWN TO SIGN WITH LIME Featured

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Will Skatta really be managing Cliff-Twang Brown, the yute from the DJ Powa refix? Him say it during an interview wid Mutabaruka weh dem post pon Facebook this morning. A wah do dem people ya though God? I canna understand it. Cliff-Twang Brown plan fi perform at the Ninjaman tribute ting tomorrow over Jamworld. Cliff, yu buss, yu do Dream Weekend interview, yu plan fi do Sting, yu need fi record a real tune now and see wah yu can do and stop copy the early Kartel 'up to the time' slang. A wah di warraraa a gwaan? This morning pon TVJ, Simon Croskill almost drop offa him chair when him ask Brown how him life change since the video hit the Net, and Brown say 'all now I don't saw anything'. And what colour red that Milk have inna her hair this morning pon TVJ??? SHE DID LOOK HOT!!!!


Why Idonia nuh have no yute yet? The otehr day, him bredda have twins and a next pickney,
big up Lav anywhere him de right now. So the question is: wah yu a wait pon d-d-d-donia?

Why the K Queens dem nuh just give up and go do dressmaking or something? Mi hear say dem do new song
and plan fi fly in from Atlanta during the Summer fi mek a comeback and see if the business will accept
dem bleach-out toughness and all these things? But why? Mi can save dem some heartache, and tell dem,
nobody canna cross it, nobody nuh waan see dem.

Kartel, big up, we love how yu tek on the healthy lifestyle wid protein shakes, and no drinking
and smoking and all these things. But stick a pin, we know say yu caan travel, but yu sperms have visa
because the cute little baby girl yu have wid Amanda gone a farrin wid her mother. Mi see say yu put up
a picture wid the baby Canadian passport wid the name Imani Palmer last week. Yu ting amp up.

How Lisa Hype ah go so hard pon youtube wid her new song fi Notnice? She mad inna the song


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