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The lure of fame has forced aspiring deejays to use all sorts of publicity stunts to generate interest and hopefully fans. One deejay claimed that he implanted goat horns in his head, DJ Alkaline used black eye contacts and claimed he had tattooed his eyes and one deejay climbed a cell tower and threatened to jump off. Dancehall deejay Insideeus went one step further than Alkaline and actually tattooed his eyes, and almost lost his eyesight as a result. Here is his story. 


"I had made up my mind a long time ago to do it, so when Alkaline first came out and said he did it, I didn't care if people would label me a copycat. Red was my favourite colour, and I had to grow my career and tune in more people, so I made the decision to do it," the artiste whose real name is Sanjae Mitchell, said. 


Eye tattoos are a new craze where the tattooist injects ink just under the surface of the conjunctiva, so it colours the sclera – the white part of the eye. Sometimes, the ink can be injected too deep, into the vitreous humour in the middle of the eye and lead to blindness, ophthalmologists have warned. 


Insideeus did the operation in September 2016, using a tattooist from Black Ink in Orlando, Florida. 


"It was a sanitary environment, and everything went through well. It was really painful, and after the operation, the pain was excruciating, but after a while, it free up and go back to normal. The reaction from people as immediate and I started to build a fan base and do shows, even without a major song," he said. 


After the operation, Insideeus generated a lot of attention in his community when he returned and his eyes became a sensation on various online blogs. The attention jumpstarted his career. 


In the Summer of 2017, Insideeus released a song called 'Despicable Wine' that made it to the playlists of BBC 1 Xtra in the UK, did well in Chile  and even made it to an ethnic dancehall chart in Australia. 


"The video for the song has over 200,000 views, and if you hashtag 'Despicable Wine', you will see over 200 videos from females dancing to the song," he said. 


However, his joy at his career boost was tempered by the side-effects of the eye tattoo operation. 


"At first, the side effects were minor, and then in late 2017, I got scared when I realised that I wasn't picking up things more than like a few yards out, I could barely make out faces but if it wasn't up close, I couldn't read it, so I got kinda scared and people kept saying 'mind yu a go blind yu yu huh!"," he said. 


He returned to the USA to do a few medical consultations. The doctors recommended corrective eye surgery. 


"I knew the risks from day one, I got proper guidance and advice, but I knew I had to do something to open doors with a controversial image, i was the only person on the planet with red eyes," he said. 


In March 2018, he checked into the Medical Center of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida to have the procedure done. 


"The procedure was done to extract the ink like how you would draw blood out, that's the closest analogy," the Dinthill Technical graduate said. 


"It was a nearly  two hour surgery, the doctors applied an anaesthetic, the ophthalmologist did his thing, and when I woke up, my eyes were plastered up in order to protect my pupils from sunlight because bright sunlight would affect me. I had to stay under the plaster for 48 hours, total tenebrosity, and darkness until my eyes adjusted," he said. 


Insideeus was lucky. Most ophthalmologist says the risks aren’t worth it. There was a recent case where a 24-year-old man underwent an eyeball tattoo procedure and experienced a sudden, painful loss of vision while the tattoo artist was injecting ink into the first eye.


Two surgeries and multiple procedures to deliver antibiotics were done to try to control the infection and complications from the tattoo procedure. Eventually, the entire eye had to be removed because the young man was in so much pain. After the eye was removed, the retina and inside of the eye were found to be stained with ink.


"I was lucky, that could have been me, but I would do it again. How you mean, man! I would do it again. Why not? It definitely work, it jumpstart my career and if you look at life, all the people who successful took risks, it is a no pain, no gain situation," he said. 


The operation cost US$6,000, and the  medication and antibiotics cost an additional US$800.


Insideeus is set to release his first EP called 'Apology Accepted' on May 15 along with visuals for tracks like "Dream Come True" produced by Prince I-Rae Entertainment. Another single, 'Mistakes', produced by Lenky Records, was released on April 8th. 


"I will be shooting a video this week for 'Mistakes', with scenes from my community in Ensom. The song is like a semi-cultural song that the youths can relate to," he said. 

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