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Dancehall artiste Unicorn was killed by an armed man in Kingston yesterday afternoon, shocking members of the music fraternity. 
"Dem kill mi son, nobody had threatened, . He was heading around to an area where he grew up and he saw some crime scene tape where someone had just been killed, so he diverted on another road. On that road, a young boy stopped him and he was the one who shot up the vehicle, Donovan died,and the girl in the car gone to the hospital," Sister Daley, Unicorn's mother, said. 
"If mi never serve God, I don't know how me woulda work it out right now, halleleujah! Ah mi good good pickney, and the person who do it have a big day in court with God."
The artiste, whose real name is Donovan McMurray, is known for songs like 'Think Bout Mi' featuring Macka Diamond, and has written several hit songs for other artistes. 
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