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Mother who 'boxed' child to return to court May 12

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A St. Catherine woman who is facing a charge of cruelty to her child, and who had previously pleaded guilty to that charge, told a probation officer in her social enquiry report that she was innocent of the charge and will therefore have to be tried.


The accused, Shanelle Johnson-Hutchinson, appeared at the St. Catherine Parish Court recently and told the judge her son was comfortable and happy and she provided everything he needed.

This was after the father Matthew Hutchinson told acting senior parish judge Grace Henry-McKenzie that the child was complaining to him about living with the mother and not wanting to go home.

The judge however ordered that the probation officer interview the child before any judgment can be handed down.

"I really need to hear from the child. So I need a report to be done and to speak to the teacher as well," the judge ordered.

It is alleged that the child was told to pick up clothes off the line and this task was not done in the timely manner as requested by the mother, who then slapped the child in the face. The child fell to the ground hitting his head causing a wound that bled.

Mrs. Johnson-Hutchinson will return to court on May 12, 2017.

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