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Radigan's death could trigger gang war in Corporate Area

Radigan's death could trigger gang war in Corporate Area Featured

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The shooting death of local gang leader Robert ‘Rodigan’ Davis in Los Angeles, California, United States could trigger gang warfare between the Rat Bat and Raspberry gangs. 


In a news release, the Police High Command said they have intelligence that there is now serious tension that threatens the recently attained peace in a number of communities in Western Kingston and St Andrew South Divisions.

This recent threat follows the shooting death of Davis in Los Angeles, on the weekend. The cops revealed that Radigan originates from Sunlight Street in the Maxfield Avenue area and is closely linked to the notorious Rat Bat Gang.

Police blotters indicate that Western Kingston, St Andrew Central and St Andrew South divisions have seen a number of recent killings and shootings due to feuding between members of both the Rat Bat and Raspberry Gangs.

Both gangs are reportedly fighting for control of the Sunlight Street, Trench Town, Maxfield Avenue, and Gem Road areas.


Reports from the Los Angeles Police Department are that about 12:30am on October 15, there was a birthday party in progress at a location used as a Jamaican restaurant in Rimpau Street, Los Angles.


During the event, a dispute reportedly developed between a group of men and shots were fired, resulting in the death of four people, including Davis, and the injuring of 11 others. Two suspects, both of whom are Jamaicans, have been taken into police custody.


Following the report of the death of Davis, who is said to be the main financier for the Rat Bat and Sunlight Street gangs, the police say people loyal to him have been planning to carry out coordinated attacks on members of the Raspberry Gang — claiming that their leader Aaron “Birdie” Thompson, who also resides overseas, is responsible for Davis’ death.

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