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Etana explains no-show on charity concert @etanastrongone @dancehall_promo @dancehallstarz

Etana explains no-show on charity concert @etanastrongone @dancehall_promo @dancehallstarz Featured

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International recording artiste Etana was a no-show on a red carpet gala event held on November 27th but she has explained that this happened because the promoters did not adhere to the stipulations in their written contract.  


The 'I Am Not Afraid' singer labelled the organisers as "disorganised".


"I am always willing and ready to give back but I see now sometimes it's best to not be so quick and ready to be associated with every charity.  Of all the charities I have ever done, none has been this disorganised," Etana said. 


The benefit which was held in Queens, New York, was hosted by social media blogger and Dancehall Connections TV host Tina Chin. Chin took to Facebook after the event and lambasted Etana and her manager, Andre Morris, with a post that suggested that "Etana management down right out of order!"


But Etana is saying that the promoters who were 'out of order' and that Tina Chin was not the show's principal organiser. 


"Tina Chin does not have a contract for a performance. Roxanne Little of Zion Kids foundation received an appearance contract from Freemind Music.  Both Tina Chin and Roxanne Little were advised they could not pay me US $2000 for a performance. They agreed to just have me, Etana, appear at their even, that is show my face and be there," she said. 


The benefit had been organised to assist in the building of a cancer ward at the local paediatric cancer treatment, and was set to feature performances by Etana and reggae recording star Chuck Fenda.


"The charity organiser Roxanne Little purchased tickets and paid US$1,000 deposit for an appearance. Upon arrival we had to cancel her über arrangement because it is not the standard of my company. But it was a charity event so for the sake of charity, we drove ourselves to the hotel and though we were told  9pm for appearance it wasn't until 10 pm that Roxanne called for Andre Morris to speak with her in the lobby of hotel," she said.



" When he got to the lobby she said she doesn't know what's going on, she will go to the venue to find out. She later called Andre to say he should come to the venue. We got to the venue about 11 pm. I did not leave the car as I was advised not to," she said. 


Etana's management team then advised that the contract was null and void because the promoters had failed to live up to their end of the contract. 


"When Andre (Morris) returned to the car he advised though they begged for me to just show my face,  he didn't think it was a wise idea. The event was poorly put together and it was only a week before the event date that we noticed there was a flyer out that stated I will perform. Roxanne should explain to Tina Chin why she has no case," Etana said.



Morris said that there were only "25 people at the event" and that there was hardly any mention of the charity's aim during the first opening minutes of the event. 


"We were not paid the balance of our appearance fee, I'm not even sure that Chuck Fenda even performed," Morris said. 


Etana has always championed charitable events, she played a central role in  performing to raise money for the 'Stop Ebola and Build for the Future' concert for the United African Congress, and she will lend her name to the Westchester Book and Music Festival in Portmore which is trying to expand a library in the community. 


"When a charity contacts Freemind, my whole team is aware of how I feel about giving back, we all try to bend the rules as much as possible.  Of all the charities from the smallest to the largest I Have never seen one who cannot handle their own budget and if Zion Kids Foundation cannot handle their own budget how will they handle other people's money donated to them? I suggest Roxanne Little associates herself and her charity with people of better character," Etana said.

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