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Member of the Merital Family Derrick Edwards aka Corey is the last man standing in the group that was a mainstay of the Portmore Empire a few years ago. The My Money Ha Ha deejay revealed that the duo did a single for Notnice recently. Keneale is now serving time in the US for a drug charge while Blade left over two years ago.

"We do all couple records since recently for NotNice ... a just me alone now; mi a di last man standing. He is still a part of Merital nuh care wey him deh. Mi haffi just duh the music same way fi me and him because a nuh dead him dead. It really depressing right now; mi just a tek a month break fi get back mi mind together; it's a really depressing time for me now, so I am just trying to regroup and just go back in the music because a music mi sey and a music mi duh. But mi feel a way sey him get himself inna da problem deh," he said in a recent interview.
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