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Which artiste ah snort the white gal??? Featured

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Portmore, New York, Miami, Kingston, Atlanta, today name Emancipation Day fi Jamaica, and right now mi a draw mi line. Mi a beam up, mi an E-WOMAN-CIPATE miself from all dem crosses people ya inna the business. Right now, mi hear say dem a send threat, dem a call up mi bloodclaat name, but dem need fi know say mi anno one ah dem $200-and-a-bag-a-weed followerer, mi have mi owna tings, mi have mi owna concept, mi write mi owna cheque, and mi nah stop talk the tings dem. Yu nuh see some ah dem caan sleep a night, dem a worry and fret wah mi a go write bout dem pon one876. And oonu can send threat and talk, mi nah stop so just suck yu madda and dont forget the straw. Mi nuh waan no friend roun ere, mi no fraida nobody, mi nah stop buss dem business.Some people hate mi round here, but dem need fi know say right now, mi gone past eight, my hate reach bout 8000 and counting.   Mi waan walk wid some Baygon torch weh mi Capleton used to walk wid and wipe dem out. AH DAT MI SEH!!1  



How the Jamaican artistes dem love talk bout weed and dem a snort up the bloodclaat coke so much? Mi de inna New Kingston
the other day ah link up some ah mi friend dem and she tell me say she de pon a ends when one big name artiste roll in and
ah ask bout the POW, POW, why as dem start fly and earn money dem a dash it weh down dem nose. Mi affi a wonder if dem ah do
it fi the inspiration because mi little dealer friend say ah nuff ah dem order dem white powder regular.


How the policeman and wrecker van man dem inna Negril ah wuk so mucky? As yu lef yu vehicle, dem swoop down like
hawk and grab it up and ah ten grand fi free it up, even if dem just put it up pon the wrecker. Ah extortion this!

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