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Chuck Fender hits #1 on CVM Hitlist with 'Warning' Featured

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  Rastafarian reggae star Chuck Fenda has scored a major hit with his latest single, Warning.   "The murder rate has been going up over the last year or so, and I am very concerned about it, people are afraid, so I decided to write a song about what is going on, it is an appeal for the murders to stop, and the people love it and ah gravitate towards it, mi just want to give thanks to all my fans for their support," Fenda said.
The video for the single has been #1 on the CVM Hitlist chart for the past three weeks while the song has been popping up on reggae charts in Poland, France and Germany. 
"I deal with current things, songs like I Swear, Can't Stop Try Wi Affi Win, a song like Gash Dem An Light Dem, talking about senseless rape, child killings and negativity, songs that can do something for the younger generation ... songs to help them choose the right road, as there are two roads in front you. We don't watch the hype, who is running the place, we look 10 years down the road, not living for just tomorrow alone."
Fender, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, but was raised in Jamaica, has  never shied away from controversial topics as shown by his singles such as his anti-pedophile rant, Gash Dem and Light Dem, which was banned from FM radio a few years ago. This Warning song has a less confrontational nature, and is more directed in a spiritual direction regarding the judgment that will be meted out to criminals who fail to change their murderous ways.
"I just feel strongly about the level of violence and murder that is going on in our communities right across the island. Over 330 people have been killed since January, that's crazy and we have to do something to reclaim our society from these murderers and criminals," Fenda said. 
Since changing his act, Chuck Fenda has become more mainstream, scoring big with a timeless duet with Cherine Anderson, Are You Coming Over Tonight.
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