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DANCEHALL NEWS: Jafrass scores big with 'Pon Di Board'

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Notnice Records-signed artiste Jafrass has released a new single, 'Pon Di Board' , which has racked up over 70,000 views in only one week since its release. 

"The song was actually an old freestyle which was on his first mixtape, Who is Jafrass. He was in the streets , just forward in from a party, and one riddim a play, and him start voice to it and everybody started to video it. About five different videos were uploaded and it start go viral, and people began to message and ask when the official song going to drop?" top flight producer Notnice, whose real name is Ainsley Morris, said. 


"The  next day, mi see the video all over social media, people who I don't know a repost on IG, that's when we realize it ah go viral," he added. 


The immediate and overwhelming feedback to the freestyle forced Notnice and Jafrass to head to the studio to produce the song. 


"I built a riddim for the song, and then he did a second verse, and we released it and it ah take off. The song ah mash up Montego Bay and Kingston right now, it de pon every mixtape from Kingston to Negril, the audio and video all over IG, next step is 'Pon Di Board' challenge, then the official video," Notnice said. 


Jafrass, who first came to public attention last year with the 'Unruly Camp' collaboration with Popcaan, that racked up several millions of views on youtube, and then followed up with his biggest solo single, 'War Mi Nuh' on the El Chapo riddim which had an official video which racked up over 1.7 million views. 


Jafrass is using 2018 to show off his versatility, doing songs such as 'Greatest' for Veinless Records,  'Up and Up' single on the Breakthrough riddim for Markus Records. and the party-flossing single, 'Hundred Calls'.


Jafrass explains that the 'Pon Di Board' track proves that once again that he is capable of producing more than just 'war songs'.


"I am a lyrical artiste, so always expect the war songs, but we dynamic same way. We creative, and there are different sides to we creativity. People can look out for anything - war songs, uplifting songs, and others. We can't gwaan like say a certain songs alone we have," he said.


He has been travelling as an opening act with dancehall superstar Popcaan, performing in countries such as Trinidad, Canada, The Bahamas and Guyana over the last month. 


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