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Is Luciano's European winter tour still on? Featured

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The European winter tour of veteran Jamaican reggae artist Luciano is balancing on a knife's edge as promoters and booking agents scramble to stave off a potential disaster.    A message on Luciano's Facebook page cited haphazard organisation as the reason behind his decision to cancel the 'Zion Awake' tour. However, booking agent and longtime Luciano confidante, Sonia Sterling, said that Luciano was aware of all aspects of the tour before he got on the plane for the first leg of the tour in Europe. 
"Everything was laid out in black and white before he got on the plane, he knew what we got as an advance, which shows, the expenses, how much to buy the tickets, everything. He knew everything so I don't know what changed while he was in the UK," Sonia Sterling said. 
"He has already done two shows of the tour in Bremen, Germany, but the tour is not officially cancelled yet. We are still trying to solve this problem. I have been up from 3 a.m. talking to promoters to keep the tour alive, and Luciano has until tomorrow morning to make up his mind," she said. 
The next scheduled tour date is Berlin, Germany on November 17th. This is Europe's first European tour in three years, since touring alongside Coco T in 2013. He is set to perform in venues in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland and Italy.
The message on his Facebook page reads:
"I regret to announce that I am calling of this, the November-December “Zion Awake European Tour 2016”, owing to the fact that I am dissatisfied with the way that this tour was haphazardly put together. It’s very apparent that my representatives Miss Sonia Sterling and T-Boy of Bremen, Germany, who were mainly in charge of planning this tour have not done a good job. Over the years I have worked very hard to build my career and to establish myself as one of the icons of reggae music and I am very disgruntled by the way myself and my fans have been treated.
I definitely don’t like the way my career is going and if I don’t put a stop to this, these people are going to ruin my career and my fan base. I will not standby and stoop to this substandard misrepresentation of the Messenjah and the message. So please bear with me as I make this stance in defense of my rights and in order to manage the expectations of my fans.
I know that it is going to be a process for those fans who purchased advance tickets to receive refunds and the promoters to receive their returns on deposits where applicable. Promoters that were involved in this tour will receive first priority on future engagements as they are rescheduled."
The 'Zion Awake' tour would have been Luciano’s first, since getting his US visa cancelled in Summer, when he tried to cross the Canada-US border, with a concoction which contained a cannabis extract.
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