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Sunday, 01 Feb 2015
How Sher Rumbar get so hype? PDF Print E-mail
Written by ABENA   

Mi de a Top Tuesdez last night and hear two gal ah chat say Sher Rumbar get hype from she win the International Dancehall Queen contest? Dem say she insist say people stop call her Rumbar now and refer to her as Dancehall Queen Sher, but mi no see wah hype bout that. She ah try step up her ting and market herself the best way she know how. How Jamaican people so bad mind? Some gal fi low offa the gal name because ah grudge dem grudge her, dem need fi come offa her name, anno fi her fault say dem pussy big like Olympic swimming pool! Hop offa her fender man.



0 #1 Dancer Baby T 2012-09-22 13:43
people love badmind sher to much a nuh fi har fault why shes down to earth an can dance good.[[l got no life a pree otha ppl an dem dutty yard wah clean up. sher is a very nice person shes representing herself well. keep doing your ting sher cause badmind ppl gonna fade away very soon

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