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Friday, 30 Jan 2015
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Love is a bitch, isn't it? It appears that Barkey's lover's father had committed suicide after attempting to kill his babymother who he suspected was cheating on her.  Tracy Bennett, who is originally from St. Elizabeth, is well known in the community as her relatives are wealthy influential people, and it is just a shame that the woman who was employed as a registered nurse met her untimely death at a seedy hotel. Yu caan ramp wid dem Haitian man ya! She have restraining order fi him at her house weh him buy her inna Long Island. Mi caan believe say she tink say she coulda deal with the man so and him a gangsta. Weh she feel like? It just goes to show you say yu affi know wah yu a do in matters of love. Now see it de, Barkey dead lef eight pickney, how dat a go work now? Who ah go mine him pickney dem?

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+1 #1 Real 2012-10-17 21:22
Tracy was living off Country money that's the Haitian guys money ..If Tracey family was so wealthy why didn't they send Tracy to school ..Tracy business is all over Brooklyn and LI.There are lots of nurses from Jamaica she makes good nurses look bad ...It's very sad...Country told all there business to the Haitian community in NYC they know he had 3 homes and a promoter ..He was a business man..How can u put a restraining order on a man who pays for the home u live in then fuck your lover in a 40 motel ..Doesnt look good ..

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