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People, mi go Brooklyn the other day and see some gal ah live inna some dutty condition and matches box weh smaller than mi CRV. That's why a yard mi say, mi ting sort out, mi have mi owna house key, mi have mi Scotia Mint, mi have mi repo account dem, mi have mi US account, a weh some gyal feel like? Mi babyfather loves me, him gimme him credit card all the while fi go Miami go shoppen. This week, mi haffi reach Fully Loaded and then there is Manchester Fiesta, mi a carry mi cousin dem from England over de, the ting sort out.


Mi hear say last week Beenie Man record fi him part of the song him want to do wid Killer and send it over to the Alliance headquarters. Right now, mi a wonder wah ah go happen inna the business if dem two ya join up, because Killer just get a #1, Beenie have the hottest song
inna the country wid Rum and Red Bull (featuring Fambo), if Killer put on fi him eight bar and dem have a wicked chorus, the whole country ah go tun up and say unity, it woulda mad. People wah oonu tink. Been-alliance?


Wah dis mi a read say singer Wyclef Jean is about to announce his candidacy for president of earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Why him ah do this? If ah fi more fame, him fi just scratch him batty pon some barbwire and lef the Haitian people alone, but if him sincere mi support him, after all, nuh him did do a song called 'If I Was President', but if is a publicity stunt, a plague pon him house. The poor Haitian people. Dem nuh suffer enough? what mek it worse, him ah run as part of a coalition called "Ansanm Nou Fo," which translates as "together we are strong" in Creole.

Mi love how Shady Squad grab a money outta the JCDC dance contest ting. Ah dem win the Reggae title this year as a six-member group name Anonymous. Dem buss the place and dethrone the Spanish Town Dance troupe that did win last year.


Mi love how the murder rate drop inna half inna July. The Police High Command say there were 84 murders compared with 160 in July 2009. And the number of shootings drop from 171 in July 2009 to 67 in July this year, a 61 per cent decline. A similar trend was seen in robberies, rapes, break-ins and larceny. Dem need fi bring back the State of Emergency and get rid ah some of the almshouse people inna the country, dem bloodcloth must be removed. Yu nuh see how the man stab up the woman and den the human rights dem a bawl say the police shot him, yet still, dem kill three police inna one week and the human rights fassy dem nah say nothing. Mi no like criminal and gunman
string dem up and heng dem up alive! Ah dat mi say!!!


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