WHY DEM NAME CHIKUNGUNYA AFTER "CHICKEN"? @one876 @bounce876 Featured

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How the white people dem ever a discover the "cure" fi the diseases in the tropics? Mi feel say ah dem gi weh the disease and then have the cure fi mek a profit offa we black people. This chikungunya disease ah tek over the whole of the Americas now. Yesterday, mi read say researchers in Glasgow have made the first step towards preventing the transmission of the chikungunya virus. That means new spray and new money. And check this, the virus is not usually fatal, but can be very debilitating and painful; survivors can be severely affected by long-term problems, including arthritis. That means we ah go need medication for years after. Don't mek the white man trick oonu. Why dem name the disease after chicken then??
According to the Ministry of Health, Jamaica's confirmed chikungunya cases stood at 24 as of last Thursday. Of this number, 21 are from local transmission, two imported, and one considered cryptic due to the uncertainty of whether the virus was contracted while the person infected was travelling overseas, or from a household contact.
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