Who Khago ah talk inna 'Bad Mind ah Go Kill Dem' Featured

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Mi hear say since Khago start build big house inna Mandeville, the bad mind ting start and the preements ah gwaan till the man get death threat the other day. Now mi ah hear this new song hard pon IRIE and ZIP from last week, say "dem never pay fi buil mi, now dem ah try pay fi kill mi', and mi a wonder a who him coulda ah talk? Bad mind is active fi true because mi read pon a website say him ah Freemason now and him mussi buy the ring and dem tings de, because that ah the only way him can still stand up inna the business after some powerful people decide fi lock him out. Look how the man lost Octane over GT Taylor show last year!!!! That no normal!!! The man ah work under some higher meditation or something. but mi no feel say is a freemason ting but mi nah swear fi none ah dem dutty deejay bwoy ya, look how much tings Ele gwaan wid wid people name pon parchment paper and all these things.
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