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Where is Dudus? That's the question that most Jamaicans are asking as they crawl out of the relative safety of their homes and try to get back to the boring routine of their lives. People ah ask if him de a Africa ah drink a strawberry daiquiri wid Sizzla and Mugabe right now. Mi a wonder when Twins of Twins ah go come out wid a new mixtape about the whole West Kingston affair, it bound fi mad wid Adams, Dudus, Golding, Vaz, McKenzie and everybody ah mek cameos. We affi tek laugh kibba heart bun because we ah Jamaicans, yu never see the mad man wid the board gun who ah trouble di cops dem camp out inna Tivali. We anno one easy set a people, right now nuff people ah profit from the disaster because dem a tell dem loved ones ah foreign all kinda tings fi get more money outta dem, when mi go Western Union this morning and the place cork, we ah cash in pon the crisis, that's what Jamaicans are all about.


People, mi just see it pon Twitter say Oneil pass away, how so much death and destruction inna the little island? Mi caan tek it no more, mi have a feeling mi might run way fi a month a di US and build like a wall. Mi caan handle no more bad news.

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