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Dancehall artiste Vyral was reportedly beaten by a police officer during a party recently. He has made a single called 'Death Before Dishonour' about the incident.

He explains:

"The confrontation all stemmed from when the patrons in the party started to throw water and liqure. Some contents splashed on me and my colleagues resulting in me throwing back water and liqure in the direction it came from out of “fun” after all, it is a WATER PARTY! When doing so some of the contents splashed a girl. Imagine now people, first of all we at a water party where girl all in dem bikini fi show u d levels. The girl turn round and a flip up pon mi," he said.

"Inna my mind mi a say, “dah girl yah know seh a water party dis??” so mi juss nuh pay her nuh mind and mek her gwoan run up her mouth till it get tired, because mi neva did out fi tek nuh stylings from nuh girl ina d middle a d party. I don’t know if its because I didnt acknowledge this girl, maybe she was expecting me to take off her clothes, carry it home, wash it and come back ,I don’t know."

Little did he know, things would take a decided twist towards the worst.

:The next thing I see is the guy she was with throwing a bottle I assume was intended for me but it hit a girl that was standing beside me. Without saying a word the guy, girl and the people that they were with left the venue. Me along with one of my friends went outside to sort out the matter, I approached the passenger side window of a white Honda civic which the man that threw the bottle was in. At this point mi brain a boil, “wah gwan fi d catty, a wah dat??” I said, there was no response the man began to wind up his widow so I placed a bottle between the glass and the door frame so the window couldn’t go all the way up. The man opened his door came out without warning and gun butted me in my forehead fracturing my skull. After the iccident took place I was taken to the station where I was told the man was a police and I'm being charged for assault occasioning bodily harm!!"
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