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Mr. Vegas loves all his children. Him go dem graduation dem when him not on tour, him drive go country and check in and mek sure dem alright. Now, it has been eight months since him last see him daughter with Shelliann McBayne, and it ah drive him crazy because him love the little girl. That is why him ah go court fi mek sure say him defend him paternal rights as a father. Why Shelliann doan mek him see the yute? And is it true say she have the Doctor man who she de wid naked inna the house with her little girl? If that is true, ah the heights of carelessness and mi support Mr. Vegas fi do everything fi defend him daughter because this is a wicked world and crazy pervert out de and him no waan the little girl grow up certain way. Ask yourself why Goofy tek weh him son from her , and ask how him go court and win custody from her inna Jamaica where the mother's rights are respected. Bwoy Vegas, mi respect yu fi ah try protect your daughter and that song, Love Yourself, ah hope Shelli listen to it and change her ways. 
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