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People, the country inna turmoil, crazy civilian casualties, mi hear say some old people drop down dead inna dem house when dem hear the big machine dem a buss and grenada ah drop inna Tivoli yesterday. Mi friend dem a text mi and and ah say ah pure dead body inna the streets, dead people inna house and all sorts of almshouse, 26 civilians dead so far, three cops and one soldier. Plus dem find ballistic vest, ammunition and firearms down ah Tivoli and detain 211 people. Oh God, poor Jamaica land we love. But the world just keeps moving on, see it de, it come in like Trinidad ah go get dem first female Prime Minister as Patrick Manning accept defeat inna the polls last night pon JNN. Mi nah go work until 'bout Thursday, right now, mi worred bout this Havendale ting because it too close to Red Hills Road, Common and dem area de, nowhere no safe inna the Corporate Area right now. Mi JUST hear say two house bun down over March Pen Road, and right now, everywhere tense, this ah go be the biggest ethnic cleansing inna Jamaica history, pure King Alarm security down ah RJR.


How Kadeem popularity just a explode so? She caan walk on the road inna peace anymore and when she go out, her entourage big, yu shoulda see how she roll come up a Bounty Sundays last week, she alone have about 20 people wid her, 15 man and five girls, right now, she ah get crazy requests fi friends pon her Facebook and it ah go only get crazier when her new commercial drop pon TV next month. Gwaan Kadeem, yu living the real dream.

How Angelina ah gwaan like she a thugs so? She nuh know say ah some 'risky business' she involved inna when she decide fi lef her store fi go look the money when so much tings a gwaan. Mi hear say my girl de pon Twitter, and pon Facebook and ah mek her friends dem know say she trapped inna her store over Portmore fi over two days, caan go home because Red Hills Road under siege.

Special bigs up to Nas and Damian Marley because dem joint album, Distant Relatives, hit the top-10 spots in the US, UK, France, Germany and Canada on iTunes Reggae charts since its release one week ago. But try as dem might, ah the Gong still ah rule because dem caan move Legend, the catalogue album by Bob Marley from the # 1 slot.


Christoper 'Dudus' Coke has continued to elude the authorities despite a major manhunt that included members of the security forces.

Coke, 41, is wanted by the United States government to face charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana and illegal trafficking of firearms.

On Tuesday, May 18th, a RM signed the warrant for his arrest to face extradition proceedings in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Coke has sought a stay of the proceedings in the Resident Magistrate's Court until his motion has been heard and determined.

Attorney-at-law Don Foote filed a motion in the Supreme Court on behalf of Coke who is seeking an order to quash the minister of justice's decision to sign the authority to proceed with the extradition proceedings. Coke is attempting to block his extradition to the US. Foote will also attempt to seek audience with the Chief Justice today on behalf of his client.

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