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AT the time of her death, the doctors had already located two kidney donors for dancehall artiste Toya. "Arrangements were being made for a transplant but first we had to get her strong enough to have the operation," Toya's common-law husband Josef Bogdanovich said.

He launched a broadside against the state of the medical sector as it relates to dialysis.

"I've been to several dialysis centres with Toya and I have seen often tha all the beds are full. These patients have a community and they come there several days a week every week, if they can afford it, and they develop a bond of hope pulling for one another and then as it happens, one dies. Then another one. This dialysis epidemic is truly frightening,"

"The doctors and nurses are not equipped to administer dialysis properly. Do they run these dialysis centres more like a business knowing that there was only hope for recovery and with little medical probability for a solution?" 

Toya died Thursday, May 7th from a heart attack in New York. She died from diabetes. She has been severely sick for two years fighting this wicked disease seeking help in hospitals from Kingston, Los Angeles, Miami and Brooklyn.She was being treated with dialysis for over a year in Kingston at the Diabetic Association.She was being treated at the University of the West Indies in Mona. After a year of treatment, she did not get better. She got worse.

I then contacted an American doctor who was visiting Jamaica. He told us in no uncertain terms that the dialysis treatment she was getting her in Jamaicawas not being administered correctly and it is just a matter of time before she would die. He said : "get her to New York as soon as you can".

Diabetes is wicked. It attacks your kidney, attacks your eyes and many go blind. It attacks your toes and amputation does happen. And finally it attacks your heart.  And you die."

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