Stampedes end Sting, Ryno and Kiprich almost come to blows in clash @one876 @bounce876 Featured

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Everyone is talking about Masicka and his energetic performance at Sting that took a swipe at Demarco. The friction between the two led to a backstage confrontation, that ended in gunshots and eventually led to a premature end to Sting 2014.

"After I came offstage, Demarco walked over to me and asked me 'wah yu a deal wid?'. Ah music mi a deal wid, why yu neva come up on the stage and forward then? Anyway, mi chat to him and we seal it up with a lion paw. Mi go mi car, and then mi see him dawg dem come back and start circle mi car, and then we get out and Demarco come back over and we ah reason, then the entourage dem kick off, and shots were fired," Masicka said.
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