Prince Reignn throws shade at Popcaan over lack of charitable support for St. Thomas residents Featured

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Dancehall fans have been wondering if artiste Orayne ‘Prince Reignn’ Graham is throwing shade at fellow artiste Popcaan in a video circulating on social media this weekend. 


The Norbrook deejay said that he organised a back to school treat earlier this year in his community of Bath and since that time, he has been besieged by phone calls and requests from residents seeking assistance.


"I am not complaining, I dont have a problem giving, but the thing is, there are other entertainers who are more established inna the business more than me, me just a run and if me can go inna my pocket and ask fi little sponsors and better my parish. Then why other entertainers who are more established than me can't do something like that," he said. 


He doesn't specifically name-drop the Unruly Boss Popcaan, but it is well established that the deejay hails from Bath, St. Thomas like Prince Reignn.


The artiste, who is known for the popular "Norbrook' single, wants to do more for the impoverished parish of St. Thomas. He had a word of advice for the artiste in question. 


"Mek the people dem feel good and proud of we as entertainers," he admonished. 




Prince Reignn was born to Norlet Lewis and Inel Graham on November 21,1993. He grew up in one of the many underdeveloped communities of St. Thomas, namely the New Road District. 




Consequently, he commenced Bath Primary and Junior High School at the age of six  where he developed a strong affinity for football, especially goal-keeping. Like so many other youths of Jamaica, he was caught up in a mental battle a few years later as to what to do with his life after being told by his teacher that he had a 'brilliant voice'.


In 2012, Prince Reignn decided to take his talent for a professional test drive and by 2013 he had recorded his first single, ‘Top Song’ produced by ‘Up-to Earth’. After recording several songs with ‘Up-to Earth’, he was finally signed by Lifestyle Entertainment (LSE) in 2015. 


Not long after signing with LSE, manager Khadike Gordon and composer Damion Watson have prompted Prince Reignn to produce some of his best work thus far. Songs such as ‘Norbrook’, ‘Boss man’, and ‘Hello Mommy’ have been rapidly gained the attention of supporters.


"Right now, with the release of the 'Norbrook' video, my career is about to take off," he said. 



Website - PrinceReignn.Com


Facebook- Facebook.Com/PrinceReignn


IG - @RealPrinceReignn_Music


Twitter - RealPrinceReignn 

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