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Lisa Hyper sounds off about why dancehall misses Vybz Kartel almost one year to the day when the Gaza Boss was first arrested on September 29th last year.    "‎Dancehall miss Vybz right now, every body miss Vybz, even him enemies, even me, dnt get me wrong mi ave mi good up good up man, mi move from gaza to laza(morgan) but a kartel alone can get mi bruk out inna dance as a entertainer no disrespect to no other entertainer. And at the end of the day he has his family, all of 7kids, his common law wife, Shorty weh him shoulda married longtime, and his fans. Everybody make mistakes and he's been incarcerated for a year now, he may or may not be guilty, and our justice system says you are innocent until proven otherwise, and he has certain rights as a human being and a citizen of Jamaica. He should be granted bail so that he can continue to earn money so that he can provide for his 7 kids and pay his legal fees etc. Good God, he is somebody's child too. It's very evident he has his fucked-up ways but without him inna dancehall we been having some fucked up days, suh mi a beg unnu: jus free worl boss and mek dancehall nice again.  Lisa Hyper say so  
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