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Wah happen to dem dutty man ya? Ah muss somebody outta the music business who woulda attack Jody Ann Maxwell, the former SpellingBee Champ and punch her and bite and her all these things. The culprit? Adrian Marshall, a 28-year-old musician from Graham Heights, St Andrew.

The case reach the courts say Marshall choke and bite Maxwell on the grounds of the Matilda's Corner Police Station. How him one so brace??? Dem charge him wid assault occasioning bodily harm, but the police shoulda bruk up him rass fi try something like that. Mi tell yu say dem a dutty man, dem grow up and feel say dem can do anything to woman as dem have a mind.

But see it de, the woman eva feel sorry fi dem. Mi hear say Maxwell, who is now an attorney-at-law,
ask Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey to mek a no order in the case, as Maxwell and Marshall had
settled the matter at the Dispute Resolution Foundation. She get a fat 250,000 cheque offa him still and
another 21,300, but she allow him fi feel say him can do that to a next woman, ah STRAIGHT PRISON HIM FI GO!!


Why no Street Vybz never keep last night? Dem fraid say Michael Sharpe come lock dem down. Earlier
this week, dem did a blow up mi BlackBerry wid broadcast messages say Sharpe ah go too hard, and even pon the social networking site, Twitter. Sharpe who is a DC in the police force lock down a portion of dances, from Mojito Mondays, Hennessy Fridays and a bagga events so it was only a matter of time before him show up at The Building at 4 a.m. one morning. But crazy people go last night and see the place lock up. Wah really a gwaan?

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