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  Why is Mikeylous pissed at HYPE TV?   He is currently blowing up FM radio with singles such as his latest hit Hype & Bruck, Hot Girls Only, Mek Up & Buy and Jah Never Fails, but Mikeylous is not happy. The usually upbeat deejay has been in a bad mood lately as HYPE TV has refused to air the music video for Hype & Bruck.
According to Mikeylous when the video was released a few weeks ago he submitted the video at HYPE TV and several other popular TV stations island wide, since then the video has been receiving heavy rotation on several of these stations but not from HYPE TV.
“When I received the final cut of the video from the editor I made a number of copies and dropped off the video to all of the stations and I made follow up calls to stations as I would normally do. After that someone called me from HYPE and told me they are not gonna play the video for HYPE & Bruck because it’s dissing HYPE TV. I tried to explain to her that the song had nothing to with the name of their station, but she would not listen and just hung up the phone.”
Mikeylous says he feels very bad over the whole situation and he is confused as to why HYPE TV has taken this approach towards his video.
“I really feel bad about the way HYPE TV is dealing with me I am a good artist and I have paid my dues in the business, I have never disrespected any one in music or in the media, my song is good and the video is good, so why deal with me in such a negative way? I wonder if HYPE & Bruck was done by another artist if they would deal with it the same way, sometimes I just feel like artists from country cannot get any real justice in the music business no matter how good we are, said the artist in a very angry tone.
Despite this bump in the road the deejay says he is moving full speed ahead with his career as he continues to promote his music. He has a number of new singles that are scheduled to be released soon and he also preparing for several overseas engagements as well as local performances.
“I won’t let HYPE TV stop my career I am moving full speed ahead, I have a lots of things in the pipeline, I have been very busy recording for several producers, have to keep the tunes flowing. I also have some shows lineup locally and overseas.”
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