"Mi caan tek a bottle lick..yu nuh see how mi mawga" - Kartel "NOT A SETUP" Featured

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Kartel spend about half hour on Ragashanti ah talk about the bottling incident pon Ragashanti. The man say him did expect the bottling but him play Braveheart and go up de, the man all a quote physics, "to every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction". Set up ah when people die, ah dat the man say. The man say him too mawga fi get lick, and Raga style him and say if anyone of the missiles did lick him, de so woulda get dark, and the man buss out him sample laugh. But Bounty camp nah tek it so easy. Dem a say ah now Killa hot fi Kartel, and now him ah go rub him out. Kartel unruly Gaza fans cause him fi get a backle too, ah just so the ting set, the sheep ah get the shepherd inna trouble this time and not the other way around. Mi hear Kartel say one thing though say the people dem tired of the throw wud ting but him wrong bout that, dancehall people love almshouse, we love gossip, we love bad behaviour but it caan boring, it must be bloodclaat entertaining and we will tolerate or else yu get a backle unda yu rass, ah we run this.

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