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Everyone’s talking about Esco Levi’s breakthrough single, Bleaching Shop, a hard-hitting monster of a song that criticizes the practice of skin bleaching but is becoming a big favourite in the street dances in Kingston. You can download the song at

Some critics have said that the song, Bleaching Shop, is a sarcastic dig at Vybz Kartel who is known for the single, Ramping Shop, and who is an advocate of skin bleaching so much so that he indulges in the practice himself.

However, Esco Levi said that the song is not meant for Vybz Kartel or his well documented bleaching practices.

“The song is not directed at any artiste in particular, mi never do mi song fi anybody. I am a rasta, I cannot tell people fi bleach, most times I write about what is happening around me, anybody who ah bleach, stop. If yu doan want to stop, that is your business,” he said.

“Is not only Jamaica b leaching a gwaan, it ah gwaan Africa, US, UK, all over the world, and the song came about while listening to a Marcus Garvey CD. Marcus Garvey said black people must not bleach, he said that we used to think that black skin is inferior because of our past in slavery and we used to do things to change the colour of our skin to look like Caucasians, and that is wrong."

There are a couple of references that seemed to be directed at Kartel. First, the intro where Esco says:
Little children live what they learn/no badda gwaan like anno your concern...". That could be a reference to Vybz Kartel's refusal to acknowledge that he is a role model and his actions affect the behaviour and psyche of young children, especially those from poor socio-economic living conditions.

And there is another reference where he deejays: "I don't want to look like the King of Pop/so mi drop a
thunderball inna the bleaching shop".

"Mi a write the song from October last year, I sang it at Richie Stephens’ album launch last year, long before the Michael ‘Cakesoap’ Jackson thing came about, so it is just a coincidence, and it is a direct reference to Michael Jackson, not the Cakesoap Jackson,” Levi said.

Esco Levi was born Wayne Ford Levy on June 7, 1981 in Clarendon, Jamaica. Singing is in Wayne’s blood as he is the son of a popular and prominent reggae artiste, Professor Wayne.

Esco’s musical taste includes listening to an appreciating the lyricism and talent of Garnet Silk, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Sizzla Kolonji. Through the work of these artistes he has been able to develop his own unique sound and deep respect for the musical icons who have paved the way.

Wayne’s talents also extend to recording and performing audio engineering tasks in studio. He credits this to his time spent at the Stineam and Triple Platinum Recording studios while living in Jamaica.

Esco Levi quickly took hold of the Canadian reggae music scene after making Canada his new home in 2005. His strong song writing skills complements his lyrical prowess and delivery. He continues to show his range and musical intellect through songs like the Canadian Anthem, “Oh Canada”, the nostalgic “Sweet Jamaica” and the love ballad “Same Old Words”. His songs have given voice to a nation and helped forge an entirely new genre of music and rhythm that is revolutionary, fiery, scathing, loving and stinging.

His songs are just as potent on his lips as they are on his CDs. Esco’s ability to quickly engage and convince his audience makes him very appealing. This has led to him being in high demand for colorful collaborations.

He has worked with top DJs and promoters all over the world. This musical Midas turns anything that he touches to pure gold.

Esco has been signed to NCF Productions since December 2010. He has just released two singles “Mr. Hammer” on the NCF label and “Bleach” on the Penthouse label. Both songs have been receiving lots of airplay by both local and overseas DJs.

Esco is a determined artiste with the technical skills and performance style that is bound to give him more and more recognition. He is on his way to becoming a household name that is synonymous with quality and musical excellence. He is now the one to watch!


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