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Dancehall star Masicka made a surprise visit to his alma mater, Calabar High School on Tuesday during which he donated three laptop computers to assist the school in its bid to effectively educate students.


Keith Whyte, the immediate past president of the Calabar Old Boys Association (COBA), thanked the deejay for his gesture.

“This contribution will be very useful to our robotics programme that started this week, as we can give them one of the laptop computers. We will also give one to the biology lab to help with the audio visuals, we have permanently mounted a projector in the lab so that the lecturer can show videos and not just do the traditional talk and chalk,” he said.

When the deejay arrived, he was greeted by Whyte, and Calabar head boy Rajay Maragh, and they spoke about Masicka's days at Calabar High school.

“If I got a chance to go to a next school, I would still choose Calabar,” Masicka said, grinning.

He asked for a 'Mr. Fagan', and 'Ms. Pinto', two figures who loomed large in his development as a student.

Apparently, Fagan was a disciplinarian and the man to avoid where strappings were concerned because he strapped from a height and angle calculated to inflict the most pain. Jacqueline Hibbert-Pinto is in charge of the literacy programme for CXC.

“You did haffi fraida Mr Fagan,” Masicka observed. 

He also asked for 'Erma, if she still had the food shop at the gate'.

He was told an emphatic no.

“This is a different Calabar these days,” Whyte said, pointing out a new block constructed adjacent to the principal's office.

After a few minutes, Masicka was escorted to the principal's office to make the contribution. By this time, word had spread like a bush fire on the Serengeti that Masicka was indeed on the campus. Dozens of students began to congregate around the deejay.

The students greeted him enthusiastically with shouts of "up!", 'hardball!' and ''boom!'.

Another young student, a rash of adolescent acne still fading from his cheeks, was ecstatic at sharing a lion paw with the ‘Yung Gennah’.

“Mi nah wash mi hand, mi shake hands with the general, mi just shake hands with the baddest,” he was overheard saying.

One of Masicka's favourite teachers was Loris Fox, who teaches English Language and English Literature at the school, and she stopped by before the presentation of the computers.

“He was always quiet and respectful, he would read in class and even taught some of the concepts to his fellow students, that's why him deejay so good,” she said. 

Drama teacher Janet Walters also came into the principal's office, cracked jokes, and snapped a few photos with the deejay.

However, the Calabar High School principal, Albert Corcho, was far from amused at the throngs of students who waited outside his office hoping to get a glimpse of the deejay.

He stormed outside grumbling “mi whole school mash up”. Outside, he read them the riot act and the students dispersed reluctantly.

Once he returned to the office, he nevertheless thanked Masicka for his contribution.

“I want to thank you for this contribution, I believe one of these computers can go to the reading room where it is well needed,” he said.

He asked Masicka for his name, then wore a puzzled expression.

“How could you name yourself that?” he asked.

Masicka explained that the name was spelt M-A-S-I-C-K-A.

That answer provided little relief. He thanked him again, they shook hands, and he went back to the business of running the school.

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