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Intro Young star mi head a bunx 1st verse As a artiste mi nuh waaan nuh gun Mi tell mi woman sehh mi nuh waaan nuh bun Mi heart clean tell badmine fi guh dung Listen mi keenly mi argument nuh done

Mi a guh smile from money dem a tell mi bout But mi naaaw sell mi soul dem caaaw buy mi out Well mi pray sehh mi friend dem nuh sell mi out Jah jah plz nuh mek mi enemies shell mi out Inna my life mi a di boss Suh a Hennessy mi have inna mi glass Mi naaaw squanda mi money but mi affi floss cause a nuh hard times mi guh through inna di pass Yuh si life a di greatest Image is everything mi wear the latest Mi practice safe sex mi wear latex Mi nuh lean mi nuh bend mi a di straightest


Every weh mi walk dem sehh mi head a bunx Things weh mi talk mek dem sehh mi head a bunx Loud mi a cough herbs mek mi head a bunx From u a listen this tht mean sehh yuh head a bunx (Repeat) chorus

Verse 2 Right now mi hungry But mi nuh hungry Every weekend mi fly out a di country Kantana is no Neva si come si Nuff boy frighten fi things and mi done si Mi tour Di world and dat mek mi humble Mi nuh hype up dat wi mek mi stumble Naaaw break mi mother heart Naaw mek she grumble Ask her me show her love in a bungle Me god fearing mi nuh study evil Mine mi own business mi nuh study people Naaw sniff nuh coke and mi naaaw use nuh needle Smoke high grade an fly like di eagle Mi a pree success not fi succeed Nuff boy bow out mi knw a just greed Fr mi meet Margo mi knw she muss breed Memba sheena carry mi Fus seed


Repeat first verse
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