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  Reggae recording star Lenya Wilks has been raising eyebrows with her new single, 'I Hate Love'. The song may not be requested when she performs at Negril Couples next weekend at a special Valentine's Day concert but it remains one of her most popular songs on the subject of love.   
"My manager Sam Berley wrote the song actually after he and I had some discussions about how love can affect people's lives in a terrible way. It is great and tragic at the same time, and that is why I just hate love... it is the reason people get married, then divorced, the reason people feel happy, then fall into makes you make bad decisions, just check history, check your friends' lives," she said. 
She said the song is semi-autobiographical because it reflects the state of her own thinking on the bitters and sweets of love. 
"I personally can't find love, maybe I am just too demanding, I ask too much of people. I love to fall in love, I want to fall in love, I want to be in love, but once I am in the grips of it, you know how it can end. I have seen how painful love is when it ends, either you lying in bed, crying for weeks, after the relationship is over...or you're plotting revenge or you're depressed. That's why I hate love, reason dictates that you don't want to fall in love, but we will still do it all over again, we want to be loved. It's a human thing," she said.


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