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Kiprich, dressed in full soldier regalia, annihilated a tired-looking Merciless at Sting 2011 at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine. He waited at least five minutes before Merciless dared to come onstage, taunting him by saying: 'weh grandpa de? weh grandpa de? Him waan lyrics call him out then?'.
He then deejayed a snippet of lyrics which made fun of Merciless'' sexual orientation. The crowd hollered and whooped as a big forward rolled through the venue. And then he deejayed again:"Ruff Kut, yu career denty/yu life span no lengthy/rememberyu inna jail ah pick up the soap gently/yu mussi miss Kid Ralph very much, bout touch?/when yu inna jail, ah get battery by twenty' . Loud cheers greeted this statement, then Kiprich announced: 'dem say grandpapa ah forward'.
Merciless, dressed in an ugly brown suit circa 1959, trudged out, walking stick in hand, and shuffled to the front of the stage, affecting a limp, much to the amusement of the crowd.Showing no mercy, Kiprich dissed Merciless with a full broadside which ended with the barb: 'yu go inna jail and yu come out fat, that means man fuck yu till yu swell'.
Merciless hit back with a retort that suggested that Bounty Killer had sent his 'battyman son fi war mi'. Kiprich hit back: 'How Bounty reach inna di war? Say kuff the grandpapa'.
And then he effectively crippled Merciless' attempt with this witty four bar verse.
Memba say yu and Kid Ralph related
Him gi yu man a road fi go pon date wid
yu a sing bout Ninjaman underpants, pussy
And ah your brief Peter King wake wid
The crowd roared and whooped its approval. Merciless tried to hit back but his verses met with only stony silence and ominous glares from the crowd. Smelling blood, Kiprich moved in for the kill, delivering the the coup de grace eventually after admonishing Laing to "send something better". Kiprich deejayed a witty lyric that suggested to Merciless that he was a suspect in a high profile gay killing when he declared: "police have yu under investigation/dem find yu DNA pon Peter King divan'.
The clash was as good as over at that time.
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