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COPYCAT KILLER COP Wah tek dem dutty police ya? Another policeman, this time a retired police sargeant slaughter some people last night. Him murder three persons in Melrose Mews, Manchester and then kill himself. Him kill 43-year-old Woman Corporal Bevon Hutchinson-Anderson of Melrose Mews, Rohan Shaw, 45, of Rosedale Drive in Mandeville and Keinon Shaw, 12, of Melrose Mews. Rohan Shaw is the father of Keinon Shaw while Woman Corporal Hutchinson-Anderson is the mother of Keinon Shaw. Mi no know wha relationship Bevon and Osbourne have mek him run in pon her. The retired policeman ah 58 year-old Osbourne Whitton,took early retirement approximately three years ago. Mi hear say him wife did run gone ah farrin lef him because him give her a whole bakery fulla bun and she coulden tek it no more. Then him tek up wid Bevon and inna one hot hot relationship wid her, but her man, Rohan Shaw come from farrin and tek her over fi himself, so my yute go up ah the house and use him key - yes, people, him have key - and start one big argument and it ultimately lead to bloodshed.
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