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Moby’s Records recording artiste Kashu Man will be hosting an event called 'Party With the Stars' at Club Chrome in May Pen, Clarendon on June 15th to mark his birthday.   
"I used to keep this event every year and in the past, I have had acts like Macka, Khago, Octane and Zamunda at the event but two years ago, mi kinda cool it off and now mi ready fi start it back again. The people of Clarendon always come out and the road block and ting and I know dem a go come out inna dem numbers again fi party wid me because nuff reggae and dancehall stars ah go pass through," Kashu Man said.
In recent weeks, Kashu Man has seen a boost in the sales of his debut album, 'From Campaign to Champagne' based on the popularity of the uptempo hit single, Higher Levels.
"The Higher Levels is an energy song  and it really connect inna the streets. Over the past week, ah eight dubs mi do fi eight different sounds, so mi know it ah gwaan. Right now, the interest tun up inna Europe, South America, Argentina, Costa Rica and the tour fi the US is a certainty this year. Mi go online and check it and there is a boost, you can see the reaction on the social media dem,"Kashu Man said. 
Kashu Man's 'Higher Levels' single soared to #2 on the Suzie Q Video charts, jumped to #15 on the Richie B Top 25 reggae chart and is also #15 on the Hype TV Top 20 charts.
"Bwoy, the people dem really a respond to the song, mi go Skateland inna HWT, people ah talk, mi go Waltham, people ah talk, all over inna the streets, people ah wonder if me a counteract Chronixx song, 'Odd Ras', because him mention the same buss'  thing. It ah buzz pon the road, people ah see me and say 'we nah talk bout bus, ah plane mi say', it is a great look...mi never have a song ah buzz so yet" Kashu Man said. 
Kashu Man is the latest reggae force to have emerged from the parish of Clarendon. Kashu Man is managed by  Ryan Singh and his Moby's Record label. 


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