KARTEL DEVIL TATTOOS/"The Devil is his agent" - Bounty Killer Featured

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  Wah happen to some dogface bleach out face battybwoy who tink dem a bad man? How yu fi be bad man and when yu hear the fire truck siren yu tink a police and a run up and down and a beat fence like ah police ah come fi yu? How yu claim say yu a bad man and yu stab up man one day and the other day, yu de pon the mall gone shopping fi tight jeans like everyting alright? That's why oonu bloodclaat dead all the while. People, wah really a gwaan inna the country, Baphomet a walk up and down like him own Jamaica, the crime amp up, teenager ah get stab up fi him Blackberry, death squad police ah murder bad man inna cold blood and nobody caan say nothing, no money nah mek, and Bruce and him friend dem a plan fi read up a budget fi raise up the rass price dem pon everything. Wah we a go do?????


Mi neva did really waan talk bout Kartel new tattoo dem but mi forced to right now because him gone too far. Mi see him inna the club Tuesday and the man white white when the lights dem touch him skin and mi just haffi shake mi head, the man nah just go hard, him ah go the HARDEST. And mi a wonder how come him say him no believe inna God but him a tattoo "devil" pon him skin? If yu nuh believe inna God, how can yu believe inna Him Opposite Number, Baphomet himself. Yu nuh see him nuh undastand himself. Anyway, mi like the Chucky tattoo, mi was always a big fan of that little psychopath but back to Kartel, mi just hope say him get a whole heap a tings fi the soul weh him auction off to the devil? Hope it fucking worth it.

Ever since the big story buss say him beat up Jody Ann Maxwell because ah clown him out, nobody caan see Izes a.k.a Adrian Marshall. For those who came in late, Izes was the one who created the popular Applause riddim alongside Sno Cone that did shot and go #1 wid Sean Paul a few years ago, but him did tink say him money coulda mek him control Jody Ann Maxwell, yu tink she easy? She run him head, tell him say point blank, she not stop go up her best friend/ex-man house and him haffi just hug it up, so it look like the pressure get to him and him decide fi give her a loudas or something, and it reach the court, but mi a wonder if him neva read her file before him get involved wid her and pure people inna the music industry ah laugh him to scorn.


Mi just get the met about Iceman and Shane O and why dem part ways. It come in like Shane O get a piece
a food fi do some show over the Xmas, and Iceman vex say him never even get a dollar outta it and say Shane O get corrupt and Shane O say Iceman get bad mind and pure tough chat and ting and the man dem part ways. Iceman ah par wid Macka Diamond now and Shane O inna the streets by himself, but him go do a song name Heart Nuh Clean and it ah throw word pon Iceman say ah him first mek Iceman see airport and a bagga tings. It nuh look good at all.

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