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Celebrity Records artiste Jac Saavige is fast becoming a legend along the south coast of Jamaica. He delivered an emphatic performance last week during DJ Ahzid's Birthday Bash in Newmarket. St. Elizabeth that has ignited the attention of dancehall lovers along the south coast of Jamaica.
He got his chance to shine a few minutes after 3 a.m. and showed no nerves as he faced a huge audience of hundreds of people who had gathered to have a good time at the street side dance. Without hesitation, he reeled off armour-piercing lyrics in a bad man song called Ask Dem Nuh. Jac Saavige immediately got a forward for 'ask dem nuh ask dem nuh wah dem say de de/shot ah kick dem weh like a Pele le le'. Pandemonium ensued as the crowd beat down nearby zinc fences and he had to pull up the song three times. He calmed down the situation with a Mama song, before seguing neatly into the introductory, 'Jac Saavige, What Time Is It?' where he earned another forward for his tongue-twisting rhymes. He closed his set with the radio hit, 'Don't Be A Roadblock'. "Mi feel good, mi just glad mi coulda endorse Ahzid ting, is like the whole town did turn out fi enjoy themselves and mi love how dem a beat down the zinc and the shop wall dem ah a bawl forward. When mi dun work, a white bredda all come to me and say 'I love your rhymes man'," she said. In the meantime, Saavige has also been earning mad props on the radio with the gospel-tinged 'Lord Jesus Save Me' and 'Dont Be a Roadblock' which are the favourites of Gary G and Digital Chris of IRIE FM. "The people dem a feel the energy, the other night, ah three songs play fi me during the day ah IRIE and mi phone blow up," he said. Born David Salmon, he hails from the second city Montego Bay in the parish of St. James, Jamaica. He was born to a hard working housewife in the small community of Flankers where he spent most of his childhood. At a tender age he relocated with his father to the cool hills of Manchester where he resided in the community of Knockpatrick. He fell in love with music and began to write and record singles until he came to the attention of his current road manager, Julian 'Chakka Dawg' Poyser, and Errol 'Bossie' Smith, the chief executive officer of Celebrity Records, who immediately inked him to a recording deal. He has been working hard with resident engineer Protocol to deliver the songs to his song-hungry public and he promises to not disappoint. "Right now, everyday mi inna the studio ah build song, mi have the brand new cereal dem fi the road," he said. Since he has been signed to Celebrity Records, the artiste has been locked away in the studio cranking out new singles. One of those singles is the booty-bouncing jeep rocker 'Summer Bell', on the Summer Bell riddim. The single is being played on IRIE, ZIP, LINKS and HITZ FM. "Right now, the Summer ah go belong to Jac Saavige, look out fi the mixtape, Bossie , big up yuself," he said.
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