Izula pleased with feedback to 'I love My Mama So' video

Izula pleased with feedback to 'I love My Mama So' video Featured

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Reggae artiste Izula is pleased with the feedback to his video for his popular new single entitled “I Love My Mama So”, a song which is dedicated to the brilliant nuggets of wisdom imparted to the artiste by his mother during his youth. The song, which was released by JR Production on November 13th, has been added to rotation of several FM radio stations and got a boost with the release of a video on video platforms all over the world. 


The artiste is now planning a number of performances to promote the song. 

"My mother inspired me and taught me a lot of things, about being goal-oriented and to avoid bad company and such, and I tried to put her wisdom into this song, and to teach my brethrens the meaning of true love. The reaction has been incredible so far, a lot of disc jockeys and selectors says that the song connects with them on many levels," the artiste whose real name is Otis Chandler, said. 


The artiste's mother, Mazie Lyn Powell-Copeland, also appears in the video.  


In the meantime, the artiste is also working on a seven track EP for JR Production label with songs such as 'Don't Put Your Trust in Flesh' and 'Love is All I Need'. 


"My songs are based on my life experiences. The 'Love' song is pertaining to my home life with my princess, a real life situation when I forgot to return her phone call, and the song is like a love letter to my princess, letting her know love is all I need, telling her how much she means to me in my daily life and 'how I love her more since lately'," he said.  


He grew up in a district called McCooks Pen, St. Catherine, Jamaica where he attended Spanish Town Primary School and later moved on to Jonathan Grant High School.


He later went to Kingston to live and in 1993 he met Delroy Channer aka DYCR, a dub poet who introduced him to Mr. Milton Moore, the producer of Sound Proof Record Production. He released his first single,  “Jah is the King of King” and a collaboration with DYCR entitled “Hold it Down”  under the stage name Otis C. Four years later, at the behest of Mr. Milton Moore, he changed his stage name to Izula which means 'spiritual leader'.


Over the years, he has recorded singles with Junior Kelly, Lutan Fyah and DYCR. He has performed on stage shows such as "Sting" and “Original dancehall Jam Jam”, Cocoa Tea's show in Clarendon. In 2010 he went on a tour to Europe and performed at “Power Zone” in Amsterdam, Belgium, “Summer Jam” in Germany and then shows in Italy and Switzerland. 


In 2015, he met Kunley McCarthy from Ward 21 who produced three songs including “Thunder Ball” which turned out to be a huge success both locally and internationally. In 2018, he released two songs,“Anything Fi Ghetto Youth” and “Bless Them Easy”, in Brazil on the Spanish Town All Star album produced by Jeff Boto. 


He recently performed on 'Ghettto Splash' in Waterhouse, and is booked to appear on  'Portmore Music Fest' on December 28th to 29th in Portmore, and 'Sound the Alarm' in Linstead on December 31.  He will be performing on the Marverly leg of the 'Stop the Crime and Violence' tour on December 22. 

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