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Down Sound recording artiste Ishawna delivered a raunchy, high -energy performance to a cheering overpacked nightclub in New York over the weekend. Making her US debut at Club Compound, Ishawna delivered the goods with a set chock full of hits, sexy wining and good vibes.

She got great support from the dancehall fans in the club as he joined forces with Lady Saw and Lisa Hyper to create a feel-good vibe to ward off the effects of a brutal New York winter.

When it comes to “party-vibes” you can’t do it better than what these three ladies delivered on this night. Ishawna was in her element as she oozed sexualitu.

She had the audience singing her hits word for word as she did ‘Cry Baby’, ‘Everybody Aguh Know’, ‘Kiss Kitty K’, and her megahits, ‘Need Love’ and ‘Restraining Order’. The crowd got into a frenzy of shouting and cellphone waving while Ishawna performed ‘Need Love’. Hyper-titillated, Ishawna called out Ragashanti and pointed him in the direction of a bed on stage. As he walked the crowd oohed and ahed, and then went wild when he sprawled out on the bed.

Then Ishawna walked over seductively and mounted him, bouncing up and down like she was on a pogo stick and the club erupted into shouts and wolfcalls. It was sheer pandemonium. From there, she could do no wrong and she got up off the bed, leaving Ragashanti with a huge 100 watt smile on his face and she immediately jumped into the crowd.
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