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People, what a gwaan inna lickle Jamaica! Bruce gi dem what dem want and clear the way fi the extradition, and now, ah bangarang inna the streets, police ah come under attack inna Admiral Town and rounda Heroes Circle as dem a try clear roadblock, and mi hear say just after 3 p.m. today, the thugs dem beat shot pon the Hannah Town station till the police dem affi evacuate, every police station inna Labourite area affi shut down and mi hear say Bruce ah go call a State of Emergency this evening. Up Park Camp, Harman Barracks, JDF man out in numbers, the ting tun up right now. Wah CVM and TVJ ah deal wid? Why mi caan see it pon mi TV? Mi waan see the man dem ah buss up the Big Boar, KABOOM, KABOOM, rain a fall, stay ah oonu home and dagger. THIS IS IT!! Is like Sizzla did know what a go gwaan, that's why him gone par wid Mugabe ah Africa, whoi is me!


People, mi tun selector inna the madness, mi ah go draw some tunes fi oonu today, Junior Mervin's Police and Thief, Tribal War and some Bob Marley. Sit in and listen to it.


People, the country ah mash up, the artistes dem nah hold no meds. Sizzla gone a Africa ah live, Buju de a prison, and the rastafarian dem nah hold no meds. The preachers dem a sex off the little church sisters, and the priests dem a whore out the lickle bwoy, and the rastas dem a party too much. The other day mi a watch RE TV and mi see a certain ras ah frolick inna Babylon hard. Him inna foam pit ah spin like a gig and a drink, wah do dem people ya? Just watch, dem ah go get fuck, dem caan bloodclaat censor mi no more.

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