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New York, Miami, Atlanta, Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town....mi tell yu say God have a new belt fi beat dem. Yu nuh see everybody who hype up demself and call demself Gadd, from Grung Gadd to Energy Gadd to Gully Gadd ah get the treatment. Da belt ya studded wid barb wire and sprinkled wid righteousness fi deal wid the pit vipers, crocodiles and vampires inna the music business. People, dem a get a spiritual beating and the beating is being carried out with earnest by the Most High Himself...yu nuh see all those who used to hype up, and diss God, and now they have been abased. Dem caan sleep a night, dem all a worry and fret....that's why mi ah gwaan live my life, mi nah do no evil towards no one that doesn't deserve it and even then...AH LOVE MI SAY.


But no one can save dem from da spiritual beating ya. Yu tink all dem court case ya ah coincidence, the lawyer dem a drain dem down to nothing, worse dem nuh really hot again. Rape, electricity theft, gun charge, domestic abuse charge, assault, murder, ininquity workings and nutmeg...NOTHING CAAN SAVE DEM. Not even if dem mumma beat grave and not even if dem fuck the hog down ah Yallahs inna St. Thomas. Just watch and see

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