Gaza fans booed Bounty Killer at Manchester Fiesta Featured

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Inna the building, the party did tun up this morning, mi see people ah fight fi come in and mi know say dem turn back at least 1000 people at the door, the ting MAD. Street Vybz Rum anniversary was a mad sitten but the club did too ram fi party the right way. It did better than Fully Loaded though because it did too long and drawn out, it clear say Vybz Kartel ah run the place because every selector ah draw the same set of songs fi get the forward from the crowd. Ricky Blaze did boring, ah Chi Ching and Ding Dong liven up the set, and Ding Dong walk on wid bout 50 man and tek over the man stage, yu shoulda see Sharon Burke face. Loaded come in like it need a new format still, people go still but it kinda get lame, Sky Juice ah the only man get a forward pon him own, but the other selectors never really distinguish demselves, everybody ah do the same ting. LLLAAAMMMMEEE in the MEMBRANE.



Mi nah tell no lie, Bounty Killer crush over the Kirkvine Sports Club wid him older tunes dem, after Kartel perform, him cripple the place wid hit songs like Gal Dem a Ride Mi Nature, Follow Di Arrow, Gal Fi Get F--, Caan Believe Mi Eyes, Never Let Your Problems Get You Down, ah just pure entry him ah gi dem and kill dem, "Bounty Killer giving you originality' and dem tings de. But when him stop and mek the speech about "not seeing things through my lens anymore but through the people dem lens, and we need love and unity inna the community", mi see the people ah agree wid him. But as soon as him call up Kartel name, the boo dem start. Him say "Kartel ah my son even if
him no accept it" and the people dem did give it to him, ten seconds of booing, but then him deejay 'Nuh Fren Fish' and ketch back a forward, but it come in like the people dem no waan him call up Kartel name at all. It look sticky.

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