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Portmore-based recording artiste Frisco Kid has released a new single called ‘Shella’ that is generating a lot of buzz in the street dances in the Corporate Area and Portmore.  

“The song ah play at Uptown Mondays, and All Star Thursdays and a couple of other dances inna the Corporate Area, Tower Hill, Cash Money Wednesdays, Prendy’s On the Beach, right now, ah work in, the majority of the selectors put it in dem hand, the rotation ah go start, Sunshine ah play it on IRIE. The song ah create a buzz from early out, the ‘shella’ talk buss,” Frisco Kid said.




Two months ago, Frisco Kid roared back on the scene  with 'Gyal World', produced by the well-known producer Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid. The video for that single is still in rotation on HYPE, RE and CVM Plus.  


“Gyal World still ah play inna the dance, and mi just a fit in Shella behind it, right now, ah Shell Republic mi say, everything ah from the top shelf,” he said.


Frisco Kid is originally from west Kingston but first came to prominence on the Portmore sound system circuit.  Born Steve Wray in west Kingston, Frisco Kid became known for songs such as ‘Big Speech’, on the Pepper Seed rhythm, ‘Rubbers’, ‘Gal Pon De Side’, ‘Likkle And Cute’, ‘Juvenile’, ‘Wackie News’, ‘Think We Nice’, Dreamland and Zion, but then he took a sabbatical from the business to recharge his batteries. He returned with a bang with Round Ere, Gallop and Tell Me Why, and now he is ready to strike again.


Frisco Kid has also been recording singles with a clutch of new producers and independent labels such as TJ Records.


Over the past couple of weeks, he has done a number of interviews on local television and cable stations to promote his latest singles.


“Right now, everything plug in, mi ah look forward to running into some nightclubs overseas fi get the music out there to the world,” Frisco Kid said.

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