FLAVA STARR RUNS THE STREETS WITH 'Man a Gangsta' feat. Munga Featured

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When it comes to putting 'flava' in your ear with sick rhymes and witty metaphors that can tickle your cranium, there are few who can compete with the red hot rookie Flava Starr. The deejay has been blowing up the airwaves with his combination hit, Hot Foot featuring Munga, but that's just the tip of the icebery because since joining forces with Good Good Production, his career is set to take off to the next stratosphere.


'FLAVA STARR' already has a fan base in western Jamaica and the singjay is looking to spread his flavour across Jamaica.

The 28-year-old, born Daymion Gardner, graduated from St Elizabeth Technical High School where he was always musically inclined but never saw it as a career until 2005.

"I lived in Montego Bay and met someone who believed in me, started putting me on stage," he explained.

However, tragedy struck when Flava Starr and four other friends, including his first producer, were returning from a stage show.

"He was driving, crashed. From there, it traumatised me and it took a while to get over it," he explained.

It wasn't until last year that Flava Starr was encouraged to relaunch his career.

Image"In May 2010, that's when it all started again. I hooked up with a producer, Zum, from Good Good Production, who also believed in me.

"Right now, it's the best for me so far," he said. "I am getting a good response, a few tracks out there playing on radio, promotional CDs. It's a work in progress and I am getting somewhere."

Flava Starr's biggest records to date have been collaborations.

"The first one was done with Munga, Man a gangster, on the 'Young Money' rhythm. I have another song with Munga, Hot Foot Sump'n, on the 'Triple X' rhythm, and I hooked up with Bastic from Munga's camp to do Buy Out The Bar on the 'Type R' rhythm.

Flava Starr has been on the road a lot with Savanna-la-Mar radio station, Linkz 96FM.

"They're relaunching the station with the tag line 'young, fresh and hype' and invited me to pass through some of their road shows.

"The first was in Sav and I got a good response, then Lucea and on to Sam Sharpe Square in MoBay, the best one. The others were in Wakefield, Trelawny; Junction, St Elizabeth and Mandeville, Manchester."


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