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The spirit of reconciliation seems to be sweeping the music industry. The latest kiss-and-make-up moment is unfolding -- almost soap opera-like -- at Down Sound Records with the return of Fantan Mojah.


"I never left Down Sound Records in spirit, Joe dem mek mi into the powerful artiste that I am, but I had to go out there and grow and make my own mistakes, and now mi ready fi team up again with the company that brought me to the world," Fantan Mojah told

The singjay left the record company after a bitter public split in 2006 to form his Macka Tree Label. At the time, Down Sound also gazzetted the artiste, publishing notices that distanced themselves from the artiste and any responsibility for any contracts he may have reneged on.

At the time, Fantan had this to say:

"Anything Joe want to do, he can do. I am Jacob Miller, mi love the people and the people in love with me. Mi nah back down from dem, him want me to be my slavemaster, him want to pay me. I am a star, I buss Downsound Records. Joe need to know that I will fight him with the police, the government, the people, every @#$ ting, so him fi low the I. When I buck him in the streets, he will know that I am the son of Jacob Miller," he said.

Meanwhile, Joseph Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Records says he believes Fantan Mojah is sincere about his decision to return.

"I believe that Fantan is an incredible artiste, and that he has achieved a greater level of maturity as it relates to business. I like his energy, and the direction that he wants to go. Things are looking up, he has a great song on our new riddim, Bounty Killer has also voiced for us, and we have a number of new exciting acts, Toya, G Warren, Lollie and Tempricher," he said.

Under the renewed partnership, Downsound Records is responsible for all of Fantan Mojah’s bookings and management. You can contact them at 906-8723


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