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Mi get up this morning and ah pure phone calls mi a get say two prominent politician, one veteran entertainer and two other people ah go get extradited inna this Dudus mess. Wah really a gwaan pon the islant??? Five top shot Jamaicans inna corruption ah fret now, dem caan sleep a night and dem batty a go twet twet because the ataclapse start right now. Yu tink say Bruce ah eediat? Yu tink him waan no more grey hairs ah fret bout extradition and dem dutty business ya. The man waan live and enjoy him grandchildren dem and spend time wid him family, mek Andrew Holness deal wid dem ataclapse ya!!!!


WHOI!!!!!! Mi body!!!! The ting ah blow up right now.  Maybe the US government ah try style Dudus, but it nuh look pretty at all at all. 
The argument pon the road is that the politicians named in the extradition warrants are believed to have assisted Coke in the importation of various items from the United States, some of which may not have been brought in legally.
It is understood that the US authorities got critical information on certain persons in Jamaica  from Coke, although his legal team has maintained consistently that the former fugitive did not squeal. However, US news reports have suggested otherwise.


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