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The BOUNCE newspaper recently interviewed rapper Duce Calipha about his life, his job, and what it was like growing up without his father, Garnet Silk, who is very much a cult figure in local reggae music.  

What was your first job?

Store Clerk

Is teaching like a passionate choice for you, or just something to
pass the time until your career kicks off?

Both, i embrace the thought of molding young people within our
community and bettering the future for us, but right now this is not
what i want to focus my energies on right now.

When did your write your first novel? And what was it about?

I wrote my first novel probably when i was about 16 or 17 and it was
based mainly on spirituality and destiny.


Did you feel any pressure to get involved in the business and continue
your father's legacy?

I did feel pressure and still do. It never ceases to amaze me just how
much Garnet has left behind for me to handle, not that i'm complaining
but it is certainly exceptional, the pressures i mean; especially when
one considers the people you would think at least have your best
interests at heart.

Does having a famous last name and a famous father make it more difficult for
you as an artiste, and as a young man?

It is not more difficult necessarily but just a unique kind of
complexity. even in a personal aspect.


What do you miss most about your father?

I've come to understand that there is no need to miss anything with
regards to my father because he is immortalized through the sacrifices
he has made. and when i reflect within my self he is vivid.


Were you angry that you lost him so soon?


At first when i was younger but not anymore because it is just a part
of the pattern and we do not object to these things we accept and work
with the pattern.
furthermore I have not lost him.

Describe your own artistic leanings. Who is in your iPod right now?
And who would you like to
record a song with?

I like any type of music that stimulates people thoroughly and is
substantial and meaningful to very significant degrees. i've been
listening to janelle monae, im big fan of Sade and R.Kelly. as far as
rappers go i listen to Common (Mostly his earlier work). Recently i've
developed a greater appreciation for my father's work and i've been
listening to more Reggae. I would enjoy recording with just about any
artist that falls into what i've described before.


Explain why you call yourself Duce Califa? Does it have a meaning?

I call myself Duce Califa because it marks the ignition of greatness
within consciousness. Greatness through which one acknowledges the
importance of growth and expansion of mind.
Duce is the initials (Destined to undertake crisis escalating) and
Califa comes from an arabic word meaning "one who succeeds a dead
prophet" and as i said when put together they reflect that necessary
change and acknowledgement.

How did you discover that you wanted to be a rapper?

I became aware of hip hop being my craft by first realizing how
instinctive it was to me and how naturally I could manipulate the art.

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