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WHAT A HARD GAL FI DEAD!!!!! That's what patrons at Famous nightclub must have been saying last night as D'Angel, dominated in two earlier rounds by fellow artiste Ishawna, made a startling recovery to annihilate her rival in the critical dub-for-dub round.
Earlier, Ishawna had thrown down the challenge with the declaration: "Before mi bury dem, mi affi bless dem' and then she played Buju Banton's 'Till I am laid to rest'. She played a wicked mix of hits from Super Cat's 'Ribbi Dibbi' with the requisite running kneelifts before seguing into time-honoured favourites like 'Greetings'. She made disparaging comments about D'Angel saying: 'dat nuh look good doan?' before playing 'Bun a fire pon a weak heart'. She closed her action-packed set by saying 'mi nuh friend gal' and then played a dub of Bugle's 'No Compatible' that declared that D'Angel de wid bounty then go Beenie. The crowd went wild, one girl declaring from the crowd: 'Straight badness!'.Ishawna had drawn first blood. D'Angel responded well with Gaza Slim's 'Independent Ladies' that earned a forward, and then segued into Mavado's 'Action Pack' and then threw a wad of cash into the crowd Flippa Mafia-style. She closed with Vybz Kartel's 'Afta u no more dan mi', but by this time, Ishawna was smelling blood. She moved in quickly for the kill. Ishawna then shouted: 'She create history run ere' before playing the classic Little Lenny 'Gun Inna Baggy', and then quickly followed up with Vegas' 'She's a Ho'. Confident now, she reminded 'Dangel, yu come from Spanish Town, but memba say Meadowrest de round the corner and ah Seaview Gardens mi come from. She closed her set with Aidonia's 'JOP mi say, bad anyweh'. In the dub-for-dub, an embattled D'Angel rose to the occasion, drawing blood with a Twins of Twins dub that suggested that 'Ishawna go dung inna hole' and then when Ishawna got forwards with Bounty Killer's Splurt,D'angel DELCARED: "she ah look mi man and mi man nuh want her". The girls at the front of the stage screamed their approval , then she played what appeared to be a Kartel dubplate with a phone call, 'Teacha gone but him soon come back'. Ishawna was now on the ropes, and after she played a great Beres Hammond dub, Step Aside, D'Angel climbed up on the console like Avatar and shouted 'ah me say hollywood, D'angel, about to send dem go hell', then she did a series of high kicks, and reeled out a couple yards of yellow crime scene tape that she threw into the crowd. The crowd almost lost its mind. D'Angel went in for the kill. She cocked up her right foot and showed her buff, and closed with an emphatic mash up of Bounty Killer songs, 'If A War', "Pass Mi See You No More'. The crowd railed its support. The judges got a bit of stick from the audience when two of them declared the second round a draw when Ishawna had appeared to have the upper hand, but no one could argue with the emphatic dismantling of Ishawna in the final 'money' round.
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