Macka Diamond 'balances' oral sex argument with 'No Tongue' Featured

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  Dancehall star Macka Diamond has waded into the controversy surrounding Ishawna's Equal Rights' with a song provocatively entitled 'No Tongue'.  
"I am balancing the ting, as a woman, I love Ishawna's song but couple people on , her song is for the freaky men, and my song is for the other half of the men who say no oral sex. It is a balance, not a correction or a counteraction, " he said. 
"This is  a song for the man dem who feel uncomfortable so dem can gwaan sing my song inna the dance," Macka Diamond said. 
Although Ishawna has been getting support from fans for her risqué single 'Equal Rights', she has generated some backlash from the dancehall community. Selectors have expressed reluctance to playing the song, while at least three male deejays have released response songs aimed at the singer.
Artistes like Bounty Killer's protege Prince Pin, KipRrich, and Don Vital have released songs which attempt to 'rectify' her oral sex stance in the direction the artistes deem appropriate, while at least one, Prince Pin, in particular has lambasted Ishawna for her pro-oral sex stance. 
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