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When a video surfaced yesterday of a frantic Shauna Chin taking evasive action and hiding in her car from an obviously enraged and bloodied Gully Bop, people were shocked! Dancehall's strangest couple were involved in a big fight and the whole world could see it.
However, dancehall insiders say that the two have had a fractious relationship for several months. 
"Gully Bop beat her up all the time, sometimes ah she win because she first him wid a lick and blood him up, but ah so dem live dutty. Dem buss fight inna the Caribbean, inna Europe all bout," one insider said. 
"Gully Bop probably realise say the money and fame ah run out and Shauna ah dun him money, more time, when tings get sticky, him lose it."
The latest fight stemmed from Gully Bop's infidelities with some girl from Mandeville. 
"Gully Bop is a mad man. Him go up ah the house and beat up Shauna and lick out car glass and dem ting de. Ah him ah de problem, him waan give the girls dem the impression say him rich and have it and him waan floss out him money with gal like him no realise say dem no want him Gullly Bop, dem only want the money, and Chin ah try show him say that dem fi try save and get a house," another dancehall insider told one876.
Sources close to the couple believe that it is Chin who has the most to lose in the tempestuous relationship with Gully Bop. 
"Chin ah try save the money fi buy the house and keep the lifestyle together, but Gully Bop just waan gal out the money, and mi doubt him can even do nothing wid dem sexually because of his hernia, but dat nah stop him."
Gully Bop has however, denied all that. He is saying that Chin has been cheating on him, and when he found discovered what was going on, she hit with him with a padlock.
"She lick mi wid one of the biggest padlock, a one and a half pound padlock inna mi face and run. Ah long time she ah carry man go inna mi yard and mi ketch her. When mi de a foreign, is a man she ah carry go airport when she crash and almost dead," he said. 
"Mi never lick her, ah she lick me. She ah one of the wickedest woman on the face of the Earth. Right now, mi just lef a private hospital and de inna the ghetto ah talk to the people dem. The world say Chin is a gold digger, but ah copper she ah find, she never find the gold mine. 
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