Bounty Killer ready fi dem pon the Gaza and Sparta Featured

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Everybody know say ah Beenie mi say, but Killer ah mi GENERAL. How some people ah come in and a pitch because the General mek a speech and a defend righteousness and ah bun out the bagga devil worshipping Kartel and him cronies dem a try bring in? People fi just accept the fact say Kartel is an amoral, disgusting piece ah shit pon shoes heel who ah try corrupt people morality and rob them of them good sense. You caan be fi everything, yu affi stand fi something! And mi rate Killer fi expose and dem dutty living because when mi watch Spartacus and dem Roman history ting, ah bear batty fucking, all Julius Caesar himself did involve inna some little bwoy ting. Anno our culture dat, dem fi gweh wid dem almshouse now and try uplfit the goddamn people dem, yu nuh see three pregnant woman dead inna one week and nobody nuh care. Something wrong wid the water inna this country, memba!
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